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  Welcome to tangonet, your independent source of tango information for Boston, New England, and other locales. Check out our calendar to see what's happening in the local tango scene.

What's New?

  • I had gotten an email that tHe November 10 Practicando Artango event had been cancelled. That was an error; the cancelled event was the Friday, November 9, event. The Saturday, November 10 Practicando Artango is still on.
  • I haven't updated this website in a while, mostly because I had more important things to do in my life. While I'm going to be going through the backlog of emails, it might be a good idea to resend your information again so it'd show up as recent information for the website.
  • Hint: if you want your event listed on this website, direct emails to work better. I consider my inbox to be my to-do list. If I don't have time, newsletters, press releases and other mass mailings will get skipped.
  • PS: It would be a really good idea for you (any vendor) to check the calendar and every page to make sure I got your information right. Since most of you don't bother with sending me a list of the dates for your events, I'm mostly guessing so it would be a good idea to make sure I guessed correctly.

Classes in September, 2018:

  • Tango Affairhas new classes starting Monday, October 1, at MIT in Cambridge.


  • tba


If you teach classes, hold workshops, play in a band, or hold dances, please read the list of frequently asked questions before you ask to have your information listed here.

Note: This website is updated fairly regularly; however schedules do change and plans can get changed or cancelled. Neither this website nor its webmaster is responsible for any errors, cancellations or changes in venue specifics, such as time or location. Always check with the dance promoter to confirm their information.

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