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  Welcome to tangonet, your independent source of tango information for Boston, New England, and other locales. Check out our calendar to see what's happening in the local tango scene.

What's New?

  • the 3rd annual Third Annual BOSthón tango marathon will be held September 25-29, 2015
  • There is no September 25 Vida Mia in Somerville. Facebook page
  • Jackie Wong has retired from the Tango business and Tango Pulse has been closed. I was told that the Western MA people can use TangoWMass; it's the same as Tango Mango except with a limited focus on the western Massachusetts area. That same area also has a Facebook page, Western MA Tango; however, it requires a Facebook account.

  • The editor is getting married in September and will be busy with way more important things between now and then. Don't expect a quick turnaround time if you send me your information.

  • Note that some Facebook pages are accessible by people without Facebook accounts so it's always worth clicking on the icon to check.

  • If you want to send information to be included on this website, take a look at the formatting guidelines.

Classes in September
  • Tango Affair has new classes starting September 28 at MIT.
  • Blue Tango has new classes in Cambridge and Newton in September.


If you teach classes, hold workshops, play in a band, or hold dances, please read the list of frequently asked questions before you ask to have your information listed here.

Note: This website is updated fairly regularly; however schedules do change and plans can get changed or cancelled. Neither this website nor its webmaster is responsible for any errors, cancellations or changes in venue specifics, such as time or location. Always check with the dance promoter to confirm their information.

Suggestions, additions, and comments should be directed to

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