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  Welcome to tangonet, your independent source of tango information for Boston, New England, and other locales. Check out our calendar to see what's happening in the local tango scene.

What's New?

  • Vida Mia will not be held on Friday, November 27, and Friday, December 25.
  • Please note that I'm old school. I update this website the old-fashioned way: I manually type every piece of HTML into the webpages (which explains the occasional formatting error). When updating for the "next month" (I updated December today), I'll take a look at the previous month (November) and see where everything fits. However, while I'm doing this, I don't always have the input from the various dance organizers who may or may not be holding their event, especially around the holidays. If you run an event, please check the calendar and make sure your event is listed correctly, especially during December. And let me know if you're *not* holding your event if I've already listed you in your usual monthly slot.

  • The weekly Providence Tango weekly practica went back to Wednesdays from Tuesdays.
  • Note that some Facebook pages are accessible by people without Facebook accounts so it's always worth clicking on the icon to check.

  • If you want to send information to be included on this website, take a look at the formatting guidelines.

Classes in November
  • The MIT Tango Club has new classes with Steve and Pamela starting November 18 and With Eric Lindgren on November 17 & 18.


If you teach classes, hold workshops, play in a band, or hold dances, please read the list of frequently asked questions before you ask to have your information listed here.

Note: This website is updated fairly regularly; however schedules do change and plans can get changed or cancelled. Neither this website nor its webmaster is responsible for any errors, cancellations or changes in venue specifics, such as time or location. Always check with the dance promoter to confirm their information.

Suggestions, additions, and comments should be directed to

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