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  Montreal title bar
La Tangueria
5359 Avenue duPare, Montréal. 514-495-8645.

studio Tango montréal
643 NOtre-Dame West, 2nd Flr, Montréal. 514-844-2786.

Tango Libre
2485 Ave du Mont-Royal Est, 514-527-5197.
General information resource on Tango, with current information on where to go dancing in Toronto and Montréal.

Links to tango resources in Quebec

Information for the rest of Canada has been moved to the DanceNet's Canada page.

new york title bar

Danel & Maria
P.O. Box 260, Woodlawn, NY 10470-0260. 718-325-6579.
Does anyone know what their status is?

Vale Tango

Tango La Nacional
239 W. 14th Street (between 7th & 8th Avenues), New York City (Manhattan). Juan Pablo Vicente

Strictly Traditional Argentine Tango
New York City (Chelsea area). 917-373-7446/917-373-7444

New York area.
Richard Lipkin's website

Albany Tango Society

Ithaca Tangueros
Tango in Ithaca, New York.

NOTE: The information on tango outside New England have been moved to the various state pages on to cut down on the size of this page. Tango information for the rest of New England will remain where they are.

instructors title bar
Michael Walker and Luren Bellucci
Santa Fe (New Mexico) Tango. Tango USA, 1704b Llano Street, #287 , Sante Fe, NM 87505. 505-820-2199. Fax: 505-820-2064.
Need updated website address.

Tomas Howlin

Brooke Burdett
Argentina. For more information, write to her at

South America title bar

Cosmo Tango
co-founded by Fabian Salas and Gustavo Naveira (both seen in A Tango Lesson), is based in Argentina.

Buenos Aires and Tango, Too!
Judith Schwarz helps people plan and set up their trips to Argentina.

Check out the the official travel website hosted by the City of Buenos Aires.

outside the Americas title bar
Amsterdam Tango Agenda
Hosted by Rob Nuijten in the Netherlands. From there you can find links on the Go Tango World Wide to a variety of locations around the world.

Republique des lettres
French website with a set of links for Tango.

Patio de Tango
Sophia & Pedro Alvarez hold tango classes, milongas, and workshops in Sydney, Australia.

Denmark Tango

Tango Malvern
Great Mavern (Worcestershire), England UK

Lisbon, Portugal.

The Argentine Tango Friends' Assocation in Madrid, Spain. It has options for different languages, though they're only in Spanish as of October 4, 1998.

Tango Abrazo
Lucien Lecarme and Liesbeth Menken from the Netherlands offer workshops and performances.

Muy Lindo Tango
Daniele & Olga teach in Italy.

Stockholm, Sweden. To be translated into English eventually.

Et Machibo
A dance studio in Sofia, Romania.

Argentango - Argentine Tango in Stockholm
Argentinte Tango classes in Stockholm, Sweden

Tango Cruise (German version)
Tango Cruises: South America and Europe (Mediterranean, Baltic Sea) Organized by Anette and Klaus from Germany.

General information title bar
Ernesto's Tango Page
10/14/2014: Is this website still alive?
8/7/2015: Guess not.

tango info
A tango resource for the world in various languages (this link goes directly to the English language page).

Roman's Tango Link Dirctory

A History from
A quick history of Argentine Tango from a website that wants you to go down to Argentina and find places to stay when you go down for dancing.

Note: This website is updated fairly regularly; however venues do change and sometimes without any notice. Neither this website nor its webmaster is responsible for any errors, cancellations or changes in venue specifics, such as time or location. Always check with the dance promoter to confirm their information.

Suggestions, additions, and comments should be directed to

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